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KORC x Movember 2022

Back in November we teamed up with the ever popular KORC to capture their ultra marathon event as a part of the wider Movember campaign.The ultra combined all of their regular 40min running routes into one mega marathon - with only around 10min between each run and some epic members completing each and every route.Packed with good vibes, hear from Andy about why the KORC held the event and what the day was all about.

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2021 Mobart Flanno 5K

Originating in Melbourne as a part of the Movemember campaign, the Flanno 5K made it to Tasmania's shores in 2020 due to the impact of COVID-19 in Victoria. Back for a second year, plenty of conversations, running and drinks were enjoyed in what was a sensational night - as the plethora of Flannos overran the Hobart streets.

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Knockoffs Run Club x [mo]re than a run

We rushed out the door with camera in hand to capture the Knockoffs Run Club crew in action at their special "[Mo]re Than A Run" event - as a part of the 2021 Movember campaign.

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The Tassie Athlete teamed up with EPIC Events and Marketing to help share the #Runway5k project.

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12 Month Recap / The Tassie Athlete

To celebrate our recent achievement of 1,000 followers on Instagram, we created this short recap of the moments we've captured over the past twelve months through the Tassie Athlete.

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Making Every Shot Count / Sarah Haywood

We caught up with Tasmanian athlete Sarah Haywood at the Hobart Archers range to chat all things archery - including her beginnings in the sport, achievements and what she believes other athletes can learn from.

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Sibling Rivalry / Alex & Robbie Hunt

In their article for The Tassie Athlete, two Tasmanian brothers demonstrate that a sibling rivalry goes deeper than fighting over the PlayStation, wrestling each other or arguing over who ate the last muffin… it’s much more.

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Tassie's Strongest / Strongman Competition

We caught up with a handful of Tasmania's Strongman competitors, both male and female, ahead of their upcoming Australian Arnolds competition - as well as hearing about how they got into the sport, what it takes, and why they love it.

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Going Beyond the 98% / Izzy Flint

Tasmanian mountain biker Izzy Flint details her experiences of the real world impacts of the concussion. Following a horrific cycling crash in New Zealand, where she hit a tree and was flung off her bike and down an embankment, Iz shares with the Tassie Athlete her passion for cycling but how the hidden effects of a brain injury can not only change your sporting ambitions, but make you question your life goals overall.

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Amelia Spence / Homecoming

What's it like to return home after moving away for sport? After not making the Rio Olympic team, we caught up with former Hockeyroo and Tasmania's Hockey One captain Amelia Spence, to discuss the challenges and excitement surrounding her move back home to Hobart after time away playing in Belgium.

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Macey Stewart / A #tascarnivals Feature

We brought in 2020 spending some time with Tasmanian and Australian cyclist Macey Stewart, who shares her love for the handicap racing but also why Tasmania is so special to her and sharing her inspiration for the next generation of cyclists. It's a Tassie Athlete feature that was powered by EPIC Events and Marketing.

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New Heights / Tasmanian Trampoline Athletes

The Tassie Athlete was kindly invited to chat with and capture some great content of some of the eight Tasmanian athletes heading to the upcoming Trampoline Gymnastics World Championships, and Age Championships, in Japan.

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Hugh Nicklason / A Home Away From Home

Tasmanian middle distance runner Hugh Nicklason shares his journey with the Tassie Athlete - following his move from Tasmania to San Fransisco in pursuit of his athletic and academic ambitions.

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Scott Bowden / Balance Is Key

Tasmania is renowned for producing world-class athletes and Scott Bowden is no exception. In his article with The Tassie Athlete, he discusses the challenges of finding balance in sport and across all aspects of his life.  

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Samuel Field / The Benefits Of Being Committed

Tasmanian middle distance runner Sam Field attributes the success of his most successful season yet to being consistent in all aspects of training. In his article with The Tassie Athlete, he shares his lessons learnt as well as future ahead as he looks to a move to the USA to pursuit his running career.

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Dejen Gebreselassie / Rembering Purpose

For Dejen, faith plays an important role in his running but ultimately, it reminds him of his purpose; something all athletes can lose sight of. In his article for The Tassie Athlete, Dejen shares his introduction to running and how he still finds his passion.

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Madeleine Fasnacht / Keeping Perspective

Grit and determination are required in a sport like cycling. It's seen Tasmanian road cyclist Maddy achieve success at some of the highest levels however, as she explains in her article with the Tassie Athlete, it has come at a cost.

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