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Harry Bourchier

Out Of A Suitcase

On the tennis court, and off it, are two very different things when chasing the professional tennis dream. We sit down with Tasmanian star Harry Bourchier to delve into the life of living out of a suitcase.


Jackson Mellor

Work Ethic

A strong work ethic is often a trait that comes with age. Following a setback in 2019, Tasmanian discus thrower Jackson shares the lessons he has learnt on working hard to achieve his best performances in the throwing cage.


Sarah Haywood

Making Every Shot Count

While individual, each arrow contributes to the overall performance for Tasmanian archer Sarah Haywood. In her Tassie Athlete article we share her passion for the sport, love for home and how all athletes can make every shot count.


Alex and Robbie Hunt

A Sibling Rivalry

Two Tasmanian brothers demonstrate that a sibling rivalry goes deeper than fighting over the PlayStation, wrestling each other or arguing over who ate the last muffin… it’s much more.


Izzy Flint

Going Beyond The 98%

Some describe it as the worst crash they'd seen. Tasmanian mountain biker Izzy Flint shares her experience of concussion following a devastating accident overseas; and the real world implications of brain injury on her life beyond sport.


Amelia Spence


After some time overseas rediscovering her love for the sport, former Hockeyroo and Tasmania's Hockey One captain Amelia Spence shares her experience of moving back home and her love of the state.


Hugh Nicklason

A Home Away From Home

With Tasmania tattooed on his chest, distance runner Hugh Nicklason shares his journey on moving overseas in pursuit of wider ambitions.


Scott Bowden

Balance Is Key

Tasmania is renowned for producing world-class athletes and Scott Bowden is no exception. Here he discusses the challenges of finding balance in sport and across all aspects of his life.


Madeleine Fasnacht

The Importance Of Perspective

Grit and determination are required in a sport like cycling. It's seen Maddy achieve success at some of the highest levels, but at what cost...


Dejen Gebreselassie

Remembering Purpose

For Dejen, faith plays an important role in his running but ultimately, it reminds him of his purpose; something all athletes can lose sight of.


Samuel Field

The Benefits Of Being Committed

The emerging middle distance runner attributes his recent success to being consistent. Here, he shares insight into how to achieve consistency in training, as well as the benefits that carry through to competition.



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