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Tassie Athlete Hugh Nicklason shares his favourite places to run both in Tasmania and San Fransisco.
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October 29, 2019

San Fransisco and Tasmania are very different places.

Having spent plenty of time in both, it's no surprise that Hugh's love for Tassie will always win; particularly when it comes to places to run.

Travelling together along the Oregon coast in the USA, Hugh shared his favourite places to run at home, as well as in the big California city...

Hugh's favourite places to run in San Fransisco:

Tempo Runs: Lands End

"I think one of my favourite places to run here in San Fransisco is around Lands End."

"We usually get out and do this on a Saturday, as it's a great run along the shoreline."

"There are some absolute ripper views of the Golden Gate Bridge through out the run, it's actually beautiful, but I think what I really like about this run is that often it's done with mates - it's a good place to share a chat and some moments."

Track Session: Kezar Stadium

"It's no secret that I like to run fast."

"While the Domain will always be home - Kezar Stadium is one of the favourite athletics tracks I've ever been to and get to train on regularly."

"It's a great track, is pretty still and is just really fast."

Threshold or General Jog: Golden Gate Park

"A bit like Hobart, what I love about Golden Gate Park is that it's a 5min jog away."

"We do a lot of our school work outs here."

"It holds a lot of good memories, but also some bloody tough ones!"

"It's a pretty diverse place too, so it accommodates a range of work outs whether it's a threshold, long run or something a bit quicker."

Hugh's favourite places to run in Tasmania:

Threshold or General Jog: Knocklofty Reserve

"The same as Golden Gate Park, Knocklofty and the trails around there are just around the corner for me - located up behind the South Hobart tip area."

"While it's not a huge place, sometimes I just go up there to escape the hustle and bustle of life and just get lost doing laps."

"It's probably by favourite place ever."

"I've busted out a lot of sessions around the trails of Knocklofty, both by myself but also with some good groups - it holds some good memories."

Long Run: The Pipeline Trail

"The Pipeline Trail is probably known by every distance runner in Tassie."

"If you're after a run where you can just switch off and go for an hour out without stopping or having to repeat back on yourself - the Pipeline is the place."

"It's located around Mt Wellington, and has a slight incline on the way out; which often makes for an easier and faster run back."

Track Session: Domain Athletics Centre

"I guess the same as Kezar, the Domain is where I spent most of my time as a teenager."

"It's just such a unique track."

"It's very exposed, which kind of sucks, but the backdrop of the mountain is stunning no mater what the weather conditions."

"If it's a ripper summer day, or sometimes even snowing, the Domain is always a great place to lay down a running session."

Thanks for sharing Hugh, we will hopefully see you back tearing up the trails and tracks of Tasmania soon.


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